Flies-Away — Make Your Home a “NO FLY” Zone

Ok… I may be a ‘Go Green Girl’, but BUGS & FLIES are one thing I CANNOT tolerate.  Throughout the blog, I will present Eco-Friendly Practices & Solutions to eliminate irritating insects without eliminating the ozone.  Make an Earth-Friendly choice to rid your home, yard, & garden from the dangerously disregarded creature we so abundantly encounter… THE FLY.

The fly is by far the peskiest insect; they spread diseases, serve as intermediate hosts for parasites, and feed on dead as well as living tissues of mammals.  SO, HOW DO WE GET RID OF FLIES WITHOUT HARMING THE OZONE? The Answer is simple  – Flies-Away.

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  1. I”ve owned horses pretty much all my life and they”ve been a part of my family for generations. If you were to ask any person in my family what the only things they don”t like about owning horses is, they”d all have the same answer, the annoying FLIES! Fly spray is a hassle to use. You have to continuously spray it on and it seems to not last long at all. After years of trying the most expensive and heavy duty fly sprays, we”ve realized that nothing was working. A friend mentioned Flies Away to us one day so we figured we”d give it a shot. IT REALLY WORKS! The first couple days we were somewhat skeptical but by the time the forth or fifth day came it was like a different farm. We actually could count on one hand how many flies we saw the rest of that month. Not only is it a great alternative to fly spray but cleanup is just as easy, simply throw it away. I highly recommend this product if your looking for a fly free home and barn!

    horsey chic | Jul 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. How often do I have to change my Flies Away bag?

    horsey chic | Jul 22, 2009 | Reply

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