Riddex- Plug-in Pest Control

Last month I was watching a talk show at night and all of a sudden I saw something scramble across the floor in the corner of my eye. I instantly FREAKED OUT- I get uneasy when I realize there are pests living in my house, but it”’’s even worse when it”’’s a mouse!

I tried everything, including one of those little traps you buy from the store (of course I don””t want to call an exterminator!) but nothing worked. The mouse kept sneaking around at night. Finally, I mentioned something onmy personal blog about my problem and one of my readers sent me a link to read up on Riddex Power Plus, a pest control system that is both effective and environmentally safe.

I ordered the system online and got two for less than $30 – nothing compared to all the mental anguish that little critter has caused me. Sure enough, Riddex lived up to the test! No more mice scurrying about all hours of the night!


Here are some nice things about Riddex:

  • Chemical Free

  • No more expensive treatments

  • Patented Technology

  • Just plug it in!

If you have a problem with bugs or other pests, I highly recommend Riddex!

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Flies-Away Saves the 4th of July!

Over the long holiday weekend I hosted my annual 4th of July celebration in my back yard.  Usually it”””’’s SUCH A PAIN with all those pesky flies, but this year I was AMAZED at the lack of pests!  It was so easy too- I just put up the Flies-Away and it immediately got rid of them!

It truly is the ultimate green invention for fly prevention!

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Flies-Away Gets Top Answer on Yahoo!

June 29, 2009:  Flies-Away – An Environmentally friendly Pest Control Product that offers innovative solutions to eliminate irritating insects – is proud to be featured on Yahoo! Answers.com & announced today that it has been selected as “The Best Answer” – in regards to, “How do I get rid of these bugs?”

Featured on Yahoo! Answers.com, Flies-Away graciously accepts this nomination for “Best Answer” and will continue to provide Eco-Friendly solutions & products to its consumers.

Check it out for yourself…The link below will directly take you to Yahoo! Answers.com.  There you can see why Flies-Away is rated the #1 Solution to getting rid of flies, bugs, & pests – both inside & outside your home safely!

OMG how do I get rid of these bugs? – Yahoo! Answers

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Flies-Away — Make Your Home a “NO FLY” Zone

Ok… I may be a ‘Go Green Girl’, but BUGS & FLIES are one thing I CANNOT tolerate.  Throughout the blog, I will present Eco-Friendly Practices & Solutions to eliminate irritating insects without eliminating the ozone.  Make an Earth-Friendly choice to rid your home, yard, & garden from the dangerously disregarded creature we so abundantly encounter… THE FLY.

The fly is by far the peskiest insect; they spread diseases, serve as intermediate hosts for parasites, and feed on dead as well as living tissues of mammals.  SO, HOW DO WE GET RID OF FLIES WITHOUT HARMING THE OZONE? The Answer is simple  – Flies-Away.

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Barrack Obama- Future Flies-Away Customer?


The President of the United States showed yet another talent as he swatted a fly during an interview with CNBCs John Harwood.

This is interesting, but should not be news considering many Americans are bothered by pesky flies every day!

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Getting Rid of Flies THE HARD WAY…

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Best Pest Control Products Review- Flies-Away

I hate bugs, especially flies. Every year, I purchase what’s presumed to be the best Pest Control product. However, when we make the transition from spring to summer – or essentially, any seasonal change – it seem we are faced with a new pest dilemma that requires additional techniques to control – and this year it’s flies.

One evening, I saw a commercial for a product called Flies-away. Although slightly skeptical, after researching, I purchased Flies-away online and it is by FAR the quickest & most effective way to get rid of flies! Here’s the link to the site I went to: FLIES-AWAY.COM. You’ll be amazed at the amount of flies it catches and how safe it is! Instead of spraying pesticides, that continues to fill the atmosphere with more chemicals – one of the contributing factors to the depleting ozone layer and global warming crisis, save the environment and your health and try Flies-away.

Being an environmentally-conscious consumer, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results, the product, and most importantly…the price. Here are some quick facts:

  • Traps & Kills up to 20,000 flies! I don’t count them, but after week 4 I noticed a dramatic difference in the amount of flies in and around my home. Also, when the bag is half-full, you know it’s working

  • U.S. Government Tested

  • EPA approved

  • Patented, bio-degradable, non-toxic bait, and used by the military! (If that’s not a credible source, I don’t know what is.)

If you have a problem with flies, I highly recommend this product! I was more than satisfied :)

Hope this advice helps!

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