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Tuesday, February 20, 2024 | By Environmental Sheila

Keep Your Home Pest Free With This Non-Toxic Repellent Device!

Imagine if you never had to kill another rat, mouse, spider, roach or any other rodent or insect ever again! With this brand new device, your home will be protected and pest free! No more worries of invasion in your home!

Pests are a problem in any home. Whether it’s flies, roaches, spiders, beetles or any other insects. It may also be rodents, perhaps rats or mice that are living around your property, in your basement or in the walls of your home. Whatever your pest issue may be, it is a nuisance to your everyday life.

There is no need to live in fear and disgust! It is gross to squish and smash all of these pests. Traps are annoying and can cause accidents and poisonous sprays and gasses are harmful to the health of everyone in your home. Also, if you are a bug-lover, you may not want to harm these creatures but, instead, simply drive them away from your home. You may come across critters in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and even your bedroom way too often! Spray may work for a moment but, cause harmful effects to your health and well-being.

Thankfully, there is a solution!

The simple science behind this amazing product…

Unlike other products that use harmful chemicals to kill bugs and rodents, Riddex Pulse will prevent the problem of these pests before they affect your living space and reach your home. Riddex Pulse is the humane way to get rid of pests.

Say goodbye to messes, traps, poisons, fumes or expensive treatments and exterminators. Your family can stay safe while you keep the critters away. It’s the new innovative and effective way to handle these pests!

It’s a simple plugin device! Plug Riddex Pulse into an outlet in your house and you won’t even know it is there. Then watch as the critters and insects leave your sight!

The supersonic digital pulses filter through the wiring in the walls of your home sending the critters back where they came from.  One Riddex Pulse is built to maintain multiple rooms in your home at once. It even has a nightlight with a LED indicator. Rid of the uninvited guests – for good!

Our Findings…

At first thought, it’s hard not to be skeptical. But, we tried it for ourselves and were amazed at the results! The moment we plugged Riddex Pulse into an outlet, we noticed bugs crawling away from the walls. No more rat problems or insect invasions!

It is the environmentally safe resolution to the pest problem sweeping the nation.

In Conclusion: Riddex is the natural way to rid your house of pests and rodents. The price of Riddex Pulse is totally worth the buy! This product works to keep bugs out and keep your family safe. It does not affect your pets or children. Riddex Pulse is the safe and easy way to take care of your home.

  • *Update: Tuesday, February 20, 2024* – Riddex Pulse has sold over 3 million devices! The popularity is outstanding and the results will shock you. Get your own Riddex Pulse device for your home. Click on your state below to see if you qualify for the limited Buy One, Get One Free offer!
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Magic Mesh – Keeping The Party Going

Tuesday, February 20, 2024 | By Environmental Sheila

Magic Mesh comes in handy for my garage get-togethers.


From time to time I like to have friends over in my garage and backyard to get together and have a good time. During the fall and spring months it’s a perfect set up. It’s so nice just to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. There’s plenty of room to move and socialize!

The garage is always warmer than outside so I keep the service door open to ensure the garage is a comfortable temperature. The downside to this during the summer is that bugs make their way in the garage and hover near the lights inside. I am not a fan of bugs but I figure it’s better to be kept cool with a few bugs than to be too hot!

Both doors on my house have screen doors. I love the screen doors because they allow for a comfortable air flow without letting bugs in. I thought about installing screen doors on the garage but I don’t know how to install doors. Decent doors usually cost well over $100 dollars.

I researched the alternatives and I was not impressed. There are plenty of other mesh screens that are inexpensive and seemingly effective. Their downfalls are that they require installation and provide no way to keep bugs out when people are coming in and out.

Simple to hang!

Magic Mesh is the best option to keep bugs out because magnet snaps shut automatically every time after being opened. Also, it’s super easy to hang and requires no hammer, nails, screws or tools.

Bug problem solved, party on!

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