Magic Mesh – Keeping The Party Going

Magic Mesh comes in handy for my garage get-togethers.


From time to time I like to have friends over in my garage and backyard to get together and have a good time. During the fall and spring months it’s a perfect set up. It’s so nice just to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. There’s plenty of room to move and socialize!

The garage is always warmer than outside so I keep the service door open to ensure the garage is a comfortable temperature. The downside to this during the summer is that bugs make their way in the garage and hover near the lights inside. I am not a fan of bugs but I figure it’s better to be kept cool with a few bugs than to be too hot!

Both doors on my house have screen doors. I love the screen doors because they allow for a comfortable air flow without letting bugs in. I thought about installing screen doors on the garage but I don’t know how to install doors. Decent doors usually cost well over $100 dollars.

I researched the alternatives and I was not impressed. There are plenty of other mesh screens that are inexpensive and seemingly effective. Their downfalls are that they require installation and provide no way to keep bugs out when people are coming in and out.

Simple to hang!

Magic Mesh is the best option to keep bugs out because magnet snaps shut automatically every time after being opened. Also, it’s super easy to hang and requires no hammer, nails, screws or tools.

Bug problem solved, party on!

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Riddex Pulse – Too Many Uninvited Pests

I’m using Riddex Pulse to put a stop to pests making their way around my house!

I am so sick of discovering nasty bugs around my house! The house I live in is over 50 years old, so I expect some pests from time to time but I was surprised with just how many I am finding. I come across critters in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and even my bedroom! I have tried sprays but those only last for a short period of time and rarely seem to do the job. I wanted something more innovative and more of a solution.


I have found Riddex Pulse to be the answer to my problem. I appreciate that is it quick and easy to set up – you just plug it in and it starts working! No chemicals, no refills, no strangers in my home!

As much as I don’t care for uninvited creatures in my home, I don’t want to kill them. Riddex Pulse humanely drives the pests out using digital pulses through the walls. It is safe to use around children and pets. It even has a nightlight with a LED indicator.

Riddex Pulse

Next time you see a creepy crawler pop out, take my word for it and give Riddex Pulse a shot! There isn’t much to lose except the nasties in your house!

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Rodent Sheriff – Making Me The Favorite Grandchild

Looks like I’m going to be the favorite grandchild thanks to Rodent Sheriff!

My grandparents have a pest problem. They are getting up there in age and are tired of trying to dealing with it. I feel responsible for their well being. I have been looking into different solutions to invasive pests.


In the kitchen they have an ant problem. This isn’t a huge surprise. They often leave food out or drop it on the floor by accident. They’ve tried ant traps and harsh chemical ant sprays but it’s no use. The ants are still a problem!

Their backyard is filed with patio furniture, flowerpots, statues and overgrown bushes – a breeding ground for raccoons, stray cats and squirrels. I hate it but they’ve tried all sorts of tactics including using poison to get rid of the unwanted critters once and for all.

None of these old fashion pest control methods work.

Lucky for them, Rodent Sheriff does!

I first heard about Rodent Sheriff from some of my coworkers. It is perfect because it drives away raccoons, mice, ants and roaches without using harsh chemicals!

Areas Needing Rodent Sheriff

I’m planning on picking up a bottle and spraying the perimeter of their home, garden and specific problem areas like the kitchen. Rodent Sheriff is awesome because it can be used indoors and out. The peppermint scent of Rodent Sheriff is a natural deterrent for those creepy critters.

Rodent Sheriff

Looks like I’m going to be the favorite grandchild when I bring over Rodent Sheriff!

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FabriClear – Not Letting The Bedbugs Bite

Here’s a little story about how FabriClear literally saved my butt in college:

After tucking me in at night my mother would often say “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” It wasn’t until I went away to college that I discovered that the mythical bed bug was a real threat. A few months after settling into our dorms, several of my friends started to complain of ichy legs, back and butt.


I didn’t think much of it, but they sure did as they continued to find little red bumps all over themselves after sleeping. After a few days of the recurring red bumps they finally figured out the issue… THEY HAD BED BUGS. They let the bed bugs bite! How disgusting.  The housing authorities warned all students in the dorms of a bed bug outbreak.

I did some research to see what I could do to prevent myself from falling victim to the vicious bed bug! I was not about to lay down and let those nasty bugs get me! There are a lot of options out there to fight bed bugs. There are expensive exterminators, harsh chemical sprays and lax home remedies. None of these options sounded appealing to me. I finally came across FabriClear!


FabriClear is phenomenal because it is kills by contact and is also safe and non-toxic as well as bio-degradable.

Now I shouldn’t have to deal with pesky bed bugs or dust mites with the help of FabriClear!

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Riddex- Plug-in Pest Control

Last month I was watching a talk show at night and all of a sudden I saw something scramble across the floor in the corner of my eye. I instantly FREAKED OUT- I get uneasy when I realize there are pests living in my house, but it”’’s even worse when it”’’s a mouse!

I tried everything, including one of those little traps you buy from the store (of course I don””t want to call an exterminator!) but nothing worked. The mouse kept sneaking around at night. Finally, I mentioned something onmy personal blog about my problem and one of my readers sent me a link to read up on Riddex Power Plus, a pest control system that is both effective and environmentally safe.

I ordered the system online and got two for less than $30 – nothing compared to all the mental anguish that little critter has caused me. Sure enough, Riddex lived up to the test! No more mice scurrying about all hours of the night!


Here are some nice things about Riddex:

  • Chemical Free

  • No more expensive treatments

  • Patented Technology

  • Just plug it in!

If you have a problem with bugs or other pests, I highly recommend Riddex!

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Flies-Away Saves the 4th of July!

Over the long holiday weekend I hosted my annual 4th of July celebration in my back yard.  Usually it”””’’s SUCH A PAIN with all those pesky flies, but this year I was AMAZED at the lack of pests!  It was so easy too- I just put up the Flies-Away and it immediately got rid of them!

It truly is the ultimate green invention for fly prevention!

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Flies-Away Gets Top Answer on Yahoo!

June 29, 2009:  Flies-Away – An Environmentally friendly Pest Control Product that offers innovative solutions to eliminate irritating insects – is proud to be featured on Yahoo! & announced today that it has been selected as “The Best Answer” – in regards to, “How do I get rid of these bugs?”

Featured on Yahoo!, Flies-Away graciously accepts this nomination for “Best Answer” and will continue to provide Eco-Friendly solutions & products to its consumers.

Check it out for yourself…The link below will directly take you to Yahoo!  There you can see why Flies-Away is rated the #1 Solution to getting rid of flies, bugs, & pests – both inside & outside your home safely!

OMG how do I get rid of these bugs? – Yahoo! Answers

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Flies-Away — Make Your Home a “NO FLY” Zone

Ok… I may be a ‘Go Green Girl’, but BUGS & FLIES are one thing I CANNOT tolerate.  Throughout the blog, I will present Eco-Friendly Practices & Solutions to eliminate irritating insects without eliminating the ozone.  Make an Earth-Friendly choice to rid your home, yard, & garden from the dangerously disregarded creature we so abundantly encounter… THE FLY.

The fly is by far the peskiest insect; they spread diseases, serve as intermediate hosts for parasites, and feed on dead as well as living tissues of mammals.  SO, HOW DO WE GET RID OF FLIES WITHOUT HARMING THE OZONE? The Answer is simple  – Flies-Away.

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Barrack Obama- Future Flies-Away Customer?


The President of the United States showed yet another talent as he swatted a fly during an interview with CNBCs John Harwood.

This is interesting, but should not be news considering many Americans are bothered by pesky flies every day!

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Getting Rid of Flies THE HARD WAY…

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